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My home is in a small village
(population 1060)
in the centre between the towns
Schleswig / Eckernförde / Rendsburg

Now this collection is on show
- together with many other kind of collections -
in the Tolk-Schau, a large and great show- and playground
6 km north-east from Schleswig = *..

Additional building 2000-01
with best isolation (now empty!).
I like to show it to
"friends of scales"
- now collection open for public in the
TOLK SCHAU near town Schleswig

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Since years I write poetry (poems, songs, maxims) and some times little stories - in German and German dialects.
My adress:
Hans-Georg THOMSEN, Rosenberg 8, 24811 BREKENDORF/Germany (pen-name is "Haget" = Ha-Ge.T.)
I found the scales, balances and weights in fife continents arount the world.

Last alteration: 17. December 2009
Links >
to "Collection of letter-scales" André SOL,
Languages: Netherlands and English

Many collctors of scales, balances and weights
are member of > I S A S C (language English)

German-Collectors are Member of (like ISASC):
"Maß & Gewicht, Verein für Metrologie e. V."

I am a German
and learned ENGLISH
at school about 1950.
Please HELP me
to say/write it better!
Thank you!

Go on "surfing":
In my "hall" were nearly 1000 scales/balances
- one of them about 1500 years old.
Weights from the Romans, age 1500-2000 years
and Phoenician-Weights, 3500 years old !!

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