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The 14 dark weights are from a grave in Tunesien/Northafrica near the antik
town Kartago. - Probable to that time a very precious grave-addition for a
death Phoenician salesman about 1500 years bevore C.

I found the biggest weight on a fleamarket in Paris.
The surface is scarred because of the big difference between days heat
and very cold nights outside in a time of more than 2500 years .
Our today kilo/gramme/gram
was "borne" in 1800 in Paris.

< < This weights are - like coins to that time -
in "sekel/shekel/schekel";
they are very precise today! (Except the biggest!)
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4 weights
Homemade weight: Centre is a cannon-ball > >
On top "X X" means "20 pound" (today weight 9,5 kg)

more than 3500 years old
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